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Race and the War on Drugs

Racial injustice in the United States criminal justice system has devastated the African-American and Latino communities. Read the article linked below. Race and the War on Drugs… [...]

Race to Incarcerate

The racial disparity between prisoners and the general population is particularly profound. Blacks and Latinos together comprise less than 30% of the general population but nearly 70% of the U.S. prison population. How can this be? See article below for … [...]

Private Prisons for Profit

Over the past four decades, imprisonment in the United States has increased explosively, spurred by criminal laws that put more people in prison for longer sentences. At the same time, the nation has seen the rise of for-profit prison companies, … [...]

The benefits of a High School diploma and a College Education

Below is a shocking article explaining the benefits of possessing a high school diploma and college degree. For a visual see page 14, figure 1.4. The benefits of a High School diploma and a College Education … [...]

The benefits of preschool and head start programs

Along with improving the health of its children and families, Head start benefits its children and society-at-large by reducing crime and its costs to crime victims. Head start children are significantly less likely to have been charged with a crime … [...]